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January 22, 2013 @ 1:42 am

Episode 30 - I Call it Maxx Steele

Episode 30


We're gonna need a bigger boat

Howdy hey and welcome to the 30th (!!!) episode of the Moderately Geeky podcast.  This week the guys are thrilled to have John (Doctor) Kent.  The good doctor is involved in independent film production, including the films Booley, Deer Crossing, and coming soon, Apocalypse Kiss.  He is also a long time collector of many things geeky.  John also has been working on producing his own toy lines and  has a big reveal to make that is sure to make anyone growing up in the 80's very happy.  But first we talk a little:

Geek News:


New toys hitting shelves (Turtles, Lego, etc . . .)
Del Toro bits:
- Crimson Peak (Gothic Horror Romance) getting Emma Stone:
Star Wars: Whedon interested but busy, Zach Snyder doing a Seven Samurai flick?
Video Game:
Microsoft's Illumiroom:

Tons of Batman related sites trademarked; all related to the name Arkham, new game, movie, TV series?

In games, Borderlands 2 DLC this week released, rumored new Fallout game as well as TV series, & more Skyrim involving the Red Guard and Hamerfell possibly on the horizon.

Skype & Xbox live possibly teaming up.

Valve Possible Interest In Virtual Reality:

Check out some links associated with John Kent:

Well little buckaroos, tune in next week as we have not only have our regularly scheduled episode where we'll talk with Wayne Losey, but we'll also have a special episode featuring Todd Broadwater, the man behind the Legendary Monsters toy line currently seeking funding on Kickstarter!  Till next time, keep your rotors lubed and happy hunting!

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