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May 19, 2013 @ 9:30 pm

Episode 43 - Till You Hiccup


The guys have a special guest on the show, Anthony Montgomery, of once Star Trek fame, who now has a graphic novel Miles Away, and we're helping get the word out. We also take a moment to talk about his past with Enterprise, Where Miles Away will be heading into the future, and the current state of the Chicago Bulls. We like to cover our bases on our podcast.

In news, we have a bit of TV news. Once Upon a Time gets a spin off set in Wonderland. Dracula gets his shot at television. Sticking with stories past, we also take a quick review of Sleepy Hollow's trailer from Fox. Finally, the big news is the trailer for SHIELD. Oh yeah... In movies, rumors of the Governator playing a role in the new Toxic Avenger movie. Will he be Toxie? If not...I declare shenanigans. We also get images of Robocop, with mixed reactions, but all of them pretty unpleased. And the other side of the robotic police movie, we take a look at the Almost Human trailer. Finally in movies, A new Riddick trailer has surfaced, and there was some rejoicing.

In toys, construction toys are getting ready to do a backflip over the shark with WWE and Bridge Direct getting together for buildable...something or other. Sticking with construction toys, Lego unveiled images of a large cruiser from Star Wars that looks pretty slick. And finally, the last two figures from the G.I. Joe FSS 2.0 was revealed. Good stuff.

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Anthony's new project: Chariot

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