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June 14, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

Episode 46 - The Guest Appearance Episode


Tonight's episode has more guests than a kegger high school party. Tonight, we have the guys from What's on Joe Mind combine forces with Jay and Travis for an interview with Will from Brick Arms, your one stop shop for weapons and gear for your Lego and Kre-O scaled action figures. We cover a variety of topics, including the methods to Will's madness, to new guns, and to favorites of the gang, check it out, it's a long one, but fun and informative!

In news, we have multiple sightings of Gipsy Danger, be it in clothes, toys, video games and trailers, and a special guest star to put in his two cents on Gipsy Danger... Geek parents influencing their's a never ending cycle... We have Heather back with us to help on the big Doctor Who news, as Matt Smith steps down from the role. We also maintain status quo bringing you the latest Guardians of the Galaxy info with cast updates. In other movie news, Fables, the comic book series, is picking up steam to get on the big screen. And images of the Winter Soldier from the new Captain America movie emerge, with positive reactions from the initial shots. In toy news, some more new vintage (?) toys are being released with the 6 Million Dollar Man and a bionic George Lucas wookie. Finally, we touch on G.I. Joe with Sideshow's rendition of ol' Chrome Dome himself, Cobra Commander. G.I. Joe or just toy fans... LOOK AT THAT COMMANDER ON THE THRONE. I DEFY YOU TO TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT TO BUY THAT, and I'll call you a liar, just a shame it doesn't come with it, eh? Finally, Hasbro unloads (finally) their wares for San Diego Comi-Con, with ponies, Joes, and legends, oh my.

To find out more about Brick Arms, go to his site below:

And don't forget to check out What's on Joe Mind as well!

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